Filipino Muslims wage jihad on Malaysian town, villagers flee

Yes, we need to read the news sources that report what those who want to take over America (also) are doing! We who are Christian can pray and listen to God and do what He says instead of acting out of FEAR (which comes from the devil!) as many in the media and the US government are doing right now. But as we listen to God (Jesus), by Him we will get the Righteous in the rule, LOVING servants of God and man, just as our Founding Fathers were and warned of the need of having moral, Bible believing leaders for the beautiful land of liberty to continue. God CAN and IS HEALING our land; causing what the devil has been doing to destroy us (out of his hatred for God!) to be turned around, and at this time, even be worked to expose the DARKNESS so the ‘captives can be set free’!! Great JOY!!

Creeping Sharia

Unreported by Western media, another front in the ever-expanding jihad by Muslims leaves a trail of dead bodies and creates new refugees. This time in Malaysia.

Update: Filipino militant incursion toll rises to 60 after clashes in Malaysia


via Villagers flee Sabah towns as Malaysia, Philippines fail to calm Sulu forces – h/t kb

Semporna, Malaysia – Terrified Malaysians fled a town where the bodies of gunmen lay in the streets Monday as the Philippines called for its neighbor to show “maximum tolerance” for Islamic Filipino intruders.

A total of 27 people have been reported killed after two deadly shootouts in Malaysia’s state of Sabah on Borneo island, where militants landed on February 12 and claimed the state on behalf of the heir to a former Philippine sultanate. Journalists saw convoys of armed vehicles moving toward affected areas after Prime Minister Najib Razak, whose government was scrambling…

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