To Rand Paul: Fabulous Filibuster! But please consider emphasizing upon ‘what authority’ our Founding documents & Laws are based.

English: United States Senator Rand Paul speak...

Filibustered for our Constitution!


We are praying for you, Rand! Thank you for stressing how we need to get our country back to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and the wise founding documents that came from them when this nation was created. By law, our country is still based on those Founding Documents: The Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Many people greatly admire and are inspired by you, Ted Cruz, Dr Ben Carson and others for doing what is right; taking a stand for what you believe is right. Thank YOU!!


But I suggest you go a step further. Would you consider emphasizing what our Founding Fathers based those beliefs and resulting documents on? I believe it would be a tremendous help if you, and all of us who know, made clear to others in our country, that it was and is the Word of God, ie. the Holy Bible!


Please help Christians and non-Christians know from WHAT AUTHORITY we base our Government and our Laws; that it’s the Holy BIBLE. We who know, as our Founding Fathers clearly did, the Bible IS God speaking! YES! And the Authority from which we know right from wrong is God Himself!


Otherwise,”who is to say the Founding Fathers are anyone to listen to?” “Who is to say what form of government is right or wrong—maybe our Constitution really should be shredded”. “Who is to say what is right or what is wrong, or if there is such a thing as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’?” On what basis can we really defend the beliefs upon which our Constitution and Bill of Rights are based?


America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights  are based on the Bible. It can be easily documented–plenty of evidence! This being made known WILL GREATLY  HELP LIBERAL (but ignorant of what the Bible says) Christians, as well as the ungodly and even those with false religions such as deceitful, very evil Islam. Check with Robert Spencer and many others who know from studying the religion itself, as well as those formerly deceived by it. Very much like evil Communism, Nazism, Satanism!


Thank you again, Rand! God is using you greatly!! You, Ted Cruz, Dr Ben Carson and others are very needed examples for us. Many people greatly admire and are inspired by you!


God  will honor your stand for righteousness, even if you are at any time the only one.  Anyone standing for what is right, as we all need to who know, may spend some time unjustly locked up—but God is at work and WILL exonerate. He will use even the false accusations, slander, smearing, unjust attacks in all the forms they come; causing them to backfire, God shining the LIGHT on the WRONG, contrasting it with what is RIGHT! (Romans 8:28)


TRUSTING GOD by knowing what He says in His Word gives people the ABILITY TO STAND and to keep standing for what is right, instead of ending up caving in. They know they are standing for what really is true and really is right. And they also know God, “who is LOVE” (1 John 4:7-8) personally, as their best friend whom they ENJOY daily. Such people know God is always right there with them, and will definitely bring success.  Their confidence in not themselves, but in God; and can be fearless knowing “Nothing is too difficult for the Lord! (Luke 1:37)


Unless people know from the Bible, from God Himself regarding ‘what is true’ and ‘what is right’, they won’t be able to stand against severe persistent attacks on what they have believed, if it is merely based on what men think; even if it happens to be true.  Therefore we shouldn’t expect it of them.


God wants to help all, including our blinded enemies; who, because of their ignorance and being deceived,  have created a very dangerous situation, even for themselves.


But no matter how dangerous, as we look to God’s Word, KNOWING IT IS TRUE,  we WILL trust Him, including trusting Him to do the things He deliberately promised, such as the promises in the 23rd Psalm.  They include God promising to GUIDE us and also, as God often says, to not fear, as in


“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me!”


God LOVES us!


With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!),


And with much gratefulness,


Soteria Allen




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