Jerry Savelle Ministries International | Daily Devotional | “You Are Destined To Win!”

3/29/2013 << Previous
Today’s Topic: Don’t Let Circumstances Overcome You
Author: Carolyn Savelle
Verse(s): Romans 10:17
Today’s Confession: My faith will produce God’s best in my life. I will not be overcome. I am the overcomer!
Are you being overcome by the circumstances of life? Is everything around you pulling you down to its level? Then you need to take the time to build your faith up. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.Your problems can talk to you BUT you have to talk louder. You have to get the faith that’s on the inside of you to come out and attack the problem.

If you’re just a Sunday morning go-to-church person, and that’s all the Word you hear all week (you’re not reading God’s Word, you’re not spending time praying) then you will be a sick, weak, anemic faith person.

Your faith is not going to be strong enough to get you healed, to get you delivered, to cause prosperity to come to your home, to cause your children to be delivered. It will be too weak.

However, if you take the time to put God’s Word in you daily, then I’m telling you, your faith level will rise to the occasion, and it will put you over every time.

What you receive from God depends upon how you’ve renewed your mind to the Word of God. You will walk in the blessings of God dependent upon how much you know. If you know it’s God’s will for you to walk in divine health, then your faith will produce healing in your body. If you know it’s God’s will for you to prosper, then you’ll walk in financial blessings. You must renew your mind to God’s Word.

So, what can your faith produce? No more than the intensity of your desire.

Please let me know what you think!

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