Special San Angelo Tea Party meeting Sat. thought you might be very interested in–KrisAnn Hall seminar

Hi Dwayne! September 26, 2013

Not sure if you remember me from our meeting at the San Angelo Tea Party meeting when you spoke to us, but you may.

I was discussing with you the importance of bringing up to people that our Founding Fathers were largely Christian and, of course, that ruled their lives as God means for it to—and they let people know it.

Also from that, our wonderful founding documents, which I know you greatly appreciate, came . They were a result of prayer (what real Christians do) and the wisdom of God, which comes from prayer and reading God’s Word. Also I’ve been impressed even more, by God using Publius Hulda’s teachings since we talked, about the great importance of impressing on people that our rights are ‘God given’! Not ‘man given’! If man given, it’s a matter of opinion and then ‘our rights’ can change, depending on the opinions and beliefs of the men in authority—and that would be right to do; after all, who is to say one person’s opinion is any better than another’s.

But, like our Founding Fathers, as Christians, we can KNOW absolute truths, and tell others that our knowledge is from the Word of God, not just man’s opinion.

Also, it helped me to see that government was instituted FOR THE PURPOSE of guaranteeing these God-given rights.

Sharing these things helps people TRUST OUR MESSAGE (even

unbelievers, since the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts, even if it doesn’t show right away).

This is what our Founding Fathers did. And the documents that came from their GOD GIVEN beliefs and their own lives being ruled by those beliefs, is what has made America GREAT!! The Bible says "Righteousness exalts a nation!" I think that could also read, "Doing things by God’s ways, exalts a nation."

It really helped me to see that is what made America great, even “exceptional!’

Anyway, Dwayne, I was wondering if you got notice from Lylann or Nathan that we are having a special seminar on Saturday with KrisAnne Hall as speaker. She is another person God used to help me see the things I just spoke of. The seminar is 9 to 3, no charge, and a luncheon included. (short notice, but I thought you might be able to make it)

Would love to get to see you in person again, if you can make it; as well as I think it would help give your campaign more power, sharing with people that the roots of our founding documents are not just the opinions of men but the Word of God.

Also, I believe that is what is going to get our country turned around (even if it wasn’t hopeless otherwise), back to right thinking, believing and doing—our referring people to God and His Word. From studying America’s history, from the right sources, I believe it would be seen as this being the main thing that has greatly helped our nation at different difficult times.

Hope to get to see you on Saturday, and maybe your wife & children.

With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!),

Soteria (& Jesus!!)

Jesus Loves YOU!!

Please let me know what you think!

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