Shelby County ‘Street Court’ Relieves Debt Burden for Hundreds


“Street Court is going to give me the opportunity to get my life back together.  I can move forward and the sky is the limit.  I can keep pushing from here.”  — Cedric, Street Court client

It’s been 20 years since Cedric has had a driver’s license.  It’s not that he hasn’t driven in all those years. In fact, he has. That’s part of the problem.

The resulting court costs from driving without a license have piled up through the years. It’s an amount that Cedric has been unable to pay for years.  But because he wants to get to work and to move about in a town with inadequate public transportation, it looked like the citations, criminal record and fines would continue to build.  And they would continue to be an insurmountable barrier between Cedric and a good job.

I work as a temp in a company where…

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One thought on “Shelby County ‘Street Court’ Relieves Debt Burden for Hundreds

  1. I can see this is really important. This is something I believe would be a big help in our small city of San Angelo, TX where we also have people who keep having trouble getting their lives moving on to be what God meant them to be because of all kinds of drawbacks in our criminal system that, as it turns out, works to KEEP THEM IN FAILURE and contribute to likeliness of ending up in more crime because not being able to get things turned around.
    And, of course, the biggest most important help is guiding them to eventually believe the Gospel and give their lives to Jesus and have the help of having God within!! YEAH!
    And also steadily growing in the knowledge of God’s Word, in a good church, as well as the kind of help God needs people to provide to help these needy people, including things like Street Court in Shelby County, TN. And also, the Jericho Project—a great example for us here!!
    God bless you for all that you are doing!!
    With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
    Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)


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