CitizenLink Interview of Pastor Rafael Cruz & Soteria’s Comment

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Friday 5: Sen. Cruz’ Dad Speaks Out

October 4, 2013

 by Bethany Monk

Texas Pastor Rafael Cruz wasn’t at all surprised when his son stood for more than 21 hours straight last month urging federal lawmakers to defund Obamacare. He’s a man of principle, and it’s his nature, the elder Cruz said.

Obamacare, signed into law in March 2010, requires larger companies to offer health insurance to those who work 30 hours or more. If not, they face steep fines. Most Americans oppose the law. Pastor Cruz calls it the “worst thing” the American government has done.

Though he faced criticism from mainstream media, many say Cruz’ son, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas, stood up for Americans across the country when he gave his “marathon speech” on the Senate floor.

Rafael Cruz, director of Purifying Fire Ministries, helped with his son’s Senate race last year, and he continues to deliver speeches across the country on religious freedom and pro-family issues. Last weekend, CitizenLink co-sponsored his speeches in Thornton and Colorado Springs, Colo. Pastor Cruz took some time to talk with CitizenLink.

CitizenLink: What is it like to work with your son on such a national level?

Rafael Cruz: I remember this January when I was sitting in the Senate chamber watching my son being sworn in as a U.S. Senator. I remember about 55 years before when I came to this country. I didn’t have any money — couldn’t speak a word of English. And to see my son being sworn in as a U.S. Senator, I could not contain the tears. And the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Only in America.’  This is the greatest country on the face of the earth and I’m so proud to be an American.

CL: What role did faith have in bringing up your children?

RC: It played a huge part. I actually came to the Lord when my son was four years old. We spent a lot of time reading the Bible to him every night and actually praying Scripture over him — declaring Scripture over him — just telling him about God’s promises and God’s direction. He came to the Lord when he was eight. God used him even at an early age. When he was 11 years old, he went on a mission trip to Honduras. He led the ex-mayor of the capital city of Honduras to the Lord — as an 11-year-old.  Can you imagine? An 11-year-old led the ex-mayor of the capital city to the Lord.

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 Below is My (Soteria) Comment on this interview:  Much with Sen Ted Cruz in mind; whom I & other Christians, especially those in politics,  greatly admire!

A great inspiration!! I know the first time I heard Brother Rafael speak a few months ago I said to God, “WOW!! Can we have the daddy??” Not for President because it wouldn’t be Constitutional—but for some other high, ‘God influential’ position!!

I know, with God, each one of us can be a ‘David against Goliath’, but I just wanted to express how I initially responded to someone sooo PC !!  Yes, I believe OPENLY speaking about God is VERY PC!! ‘King’ Jesus will honor it!! We may be Daniel in the lion’s den at times, but it is important to read on and see the outcome of Daniel’s, and others’ bold stand for God!! YEAH!!

Like Dr Ben Carson, listening to Pastor Rafael Cruz was VERY REFRESHING and a great example to us to speak openly about God IN POLITICS!  The Bible says “At the entrance of God’s Word (even for unbelievers; actually they need it the most) comes LIGHT!!”  I love & admire Senator Ted Cruz, but I believe he would find more “grassroots rising up high, and more boldly to the fight if he approached this GIANT of TYRANNY as the lad David did against Goliath, charging up against the giant, shouting “All will know there is a God in Israel (in our case, America!)….and making it clear he was TRUSTING GOD for the victory, not his slingshot ability!! (my paraphrase; 1 Samuel 17:46-47)

I do appreciate and esteem Sen Ted Cruz very much! But I wanted you to know WHY I exclaimed to God when I first heard Brother Rafael speak, “Wow!! Can we have the daddy??” I’m praying Senator Ted (and others) will share more openly about God, like his dad and as our Founding Fathers did! He may get media smears (David was ridiculed, even by his brothers!) but I believe God will HONOR his (& others) more openly referring to God, the Bible, & Jesus, as is really in brother Ted Cruz’s heart, and bring the VICTORY!! I believe many Christians (Tea Party, Patriots, not active Christians, unbelieving conservatives and others, even some Liberals!) will be emboldened to do the same!!

Pastor Rafael, you are a  precious, beautifully bold man of God!  From where you’ve come, Pastor Rafael, what do you think? Should we WAIT and speak more openly about God AFTER we win the country back, when speaking about God isn’t so targeted by gov’t agencies?  (But we do have MANY good people within prob all gov’t agencies, prob eager to speak up!) When there isn’t such Christian hostility by certain ones, at times?  Should we WAIT until LATER to speak MORE OPENLY in politics particularly, but also in mainstream media & elsewhere, about Jesus, God, the Bible, and about what our Founding Fathers believed in regard to God & the Bible, when these things are less hotly contested??

I’m really wondering what your opinion is on that. Thank you!!

With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)

Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)

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