Episode 25 – Intelligent Surveys

  This is VERY revealing!!

Some Christians question the credibility of the Bible because of ‘supposed scientific facts’ that really do contradict the Bible.
IMPORTANT to know the TRUTH from scientists who also know Jesus (God) personally and believe the Bible. Some in this organization, Institute of Creation Research, and other similar ministries, used to be atheists, wholeheartedly believing what to some was even as a religion of ‘evolutionary beliefs’. It’s wonderful to read their scientifically documented teachings as they show how the BIBLE is a SCIENCE BOOK from God!!
These scientists show that when starting from the foundation (premise) of believing the stated facts revealed in the Bible, truths from the Creator Himself, things make much MORE SENSE scientifically!! Not so many missing links, but instead things fall into place and make sense — God revealing clearly by the Bible AND science that He is The Creator and made all the universe in six 24hr days (Really!!) and only 6 thousand years ago!!
Because these Christian sites are made available with much good very credible, well documented material from scientists probably from all the different sciences, people can now check these things out themselves. Do research and see for themselves what is true—Evolution or the Bible? (That is how the term ‘Evolution’ is generally meant –referring to ‘Darwinian evolution’. I’m not referring to the natural and of God mini evolution of some things, but nevertheless God made all things, in 6 days, each after their own kind, as the Bible tells us.
I’m speaking of Darwinian (macro) evolution which refers to things ‘evolving from a Big Bang randomly, forming a piece of something that eventually formed the earth, [I don’t know the listed order, or what supposedly evolved into what — just using these examples to give the idea of macro-evolution belief] …then evolved into a molecule, then into plant life then into a more complex kind of plant into another’ ‘and then from a plant into an animal’ (for instance) ‘and from an ape into a man’, etc.)
These scientists at the Institute for Creation Research break down the scientific information into layman’s terms and even down to children’s age understanding–backing it up Biblically AND scientifically!!
They tell very scientifically and Biblically how (Darwinian) ‘evolution is BAD science; and how it even somewhat discredits and does an injustice to the TRUE science that is generally made known by secular and Christian scientists throughout the world.
The belief in ‘evolution as fact’ regarding man’s origins and also the other areas it touches on, is becoming better and better known as FALSE; especially with more and more truth known through better telescopes and other technology showing that macro evolution is not supported by scientific evidence!!
Instead, it is more and more CLEARLY SEEN the scientific proof for macro evolution is not there! But instead, it is being clearly seen that the Bible and the scientific facts support one another. Wow!!
God knew it all the time!!

ENJOY this article, and this site!!

With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)

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