People Everywhere are Grateful for Pope Francis — Well, Not EVERYBODY!

That is such great news!! And I know this will affect many in America also!! Thank You, Jesus!!
With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
Soteria (& Jesus!!)

Peace and Freedom

Pope Francis

(CBS News) Catholics and their leaders around the world are seeing the impact of what’s being called “the Pope Francis effect.” St. Peter’s Square is more packed than ever for the pope’s weekly appearances and priests say there is a surge of parishioners in the pews, because of the pope’s actions.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, told the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts that he sees “the Pope Francis effect” “all the time.”

“I can’t walk down the streets of our beloved New York without people coming up to me and saying ‘Hey, thanks for Pope Francis. You guys did a good job. We love him,'” he said. “I hear from our parish priests, who are always on the front line, they’re telling me the crowds at Sunday mass are up, the confession lines are longer, inquiries about the Catholic faith are more abundant and even…

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One thought on “People Everywhere are Grateful for Pope Francis — Well, Not EVERYBODY!

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