Social Media Blitz Campaign to help #FREESAEED

Yes, GLAD to join in on this and spread the word!! This is of God–He wants us to keep pressing for Pastor Saeed’s release! And we will! Thank You, Jesus!!
“Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!!” (Luke 1:37)

With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!),
Soteria Allen (& Jesus!!)

My little blogs (but BIG God!):

Jesus Loves YOU!!


freesaeedDec4Pastor Alan Hawkins, of Albuquerque’s New Life City Church is organizing a social media event to bring awareness and attention on Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen, that has been imprisoned in Iran for over a year for the crime of being a Christian.

In this mission he describes how in recent negotiations with the government of Iran his plight was ignored by our administration.

Pastor Alan HawkinsWe cannot, will not, do the same. As member of the Body of Christ, when one member suffers we all suffer. Our brother is suffering…and we must enter into that suffering with him and seek God’s power to free him.



Here is what he is proposing.

The single loudest outpouring of support via social media to free Saeed in the history of the church.

On Wednesday December 4, every Christian with a platform, great or small, will feature Saeed on it and demand that our government secure…

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