One thought on “The Bundy Ranch: From My Perspective – Instigator News

  1. Dr Jim Garrow, Thank you!! Very much!!
    Jim, Is there some way we can get this information out—all over our country??
    I followed the Bundy Ranch situation quite closely, praying throughout. In a short time afterwards, I heard there might be some connection with Harry Reid and China and wrong dealings. Then I heard ridicule of such an accusation. And then, also much ridicule of the precious bold man, Clive Bundy, as though he was a racist!!
    But I never heard any more about the few things said regarding Harry Reid and China being a top motive for the armed BLM visit to the Bundy Ranch. I was very surprised to learn what I believe is very credible information from you on that, Jim. I believe others would benefit from this information. Senator Harry Reid should be tried, found guilty (as I believe he is) and sent to prison—NOT BE IN A KEY POSITION IN OUR GOVERNMENT!!
    I see we who are working with God to reclaim America as the young lad David, because of keeping his TRUST IN GOD, was able to be used by God, to boldly go up against the GIANT Goliath, who had a vicious army right behind him, and, BY GOD’S ABILITY, bring that intimidating GIANT DOWN!! David shouted as he went up against the giant in regard to it not being his strong weapons or his ability but it would be by GOD’S ABILITY this giant would come down—and the army with him (somehow) defeated!! In his shouting, running up against the giant, David declared “That the world may know there is a God in Israel!!”
    That is the vision I keep in mind for what God is doing in America at this time—how He is using us!!
    That is what I see God doing through people like you, Dr Jim Garrow, and many others who also are able to be bold because of TRUSTING GOD “with whom nothing is too difficult” (Luke 1:37). And also, because of being in God’s Word, praying and living in a daily friendship with God, are confident in “being one of Jesus’ sheep and therefore know His voice” and then, like the lad David, are able to act confidently, even in very dangerous situations.
    You, and fortunately many others, are a beautiful example for us. Sometimes in fearful situations it can be confusing whether to be outspoken or not–the examples of those who know what to do are a BIG HELP for those not so knowledgeable!!
    THANK YOU!! And I know God thanks you too!

    With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
    Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)

    My little blogs (but BIG God!):


    Jesus Loves YOU!!


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