Muslim Persecution of Christians, May 2014

Thank you!! This information is greatly appreciated—by MANY!!
GOD LOVES US!! ALL of us!! “God is LOVE!!” (1 John 4:16)
He WILL make a way!
As the lad David did, facing the GIANT Goliath AND the vicious Army right behind him, let’s TRUST GOD to guide us, and PROVIDE MIRACULOUSLY for a ‘no doubt about it’ VICTORY!!
Read 1 Samuel 17:45-50
David, even after ridicule from his brothers; and King Saul attempted to reason him out of taking on Goliath, telling David how he didn’t stand a chance against the seasoned warrior GIANT Goliath; nevertheless kept his faith in God ‘to fight for them’.
(If David was wrong and lost to the GIANT (with Philistine Army right behind him), Israel would have been their SLAVES!! See 1 Sam 17
Very COSTLY, if David was wrong!!
God HONORS our standing AGAINST EVIL!!
“His GRACE is sufficient! (ie, no lack of God power!!)” 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
David TRUSTED he knew his Shepherd’s voice, and went ahead DECISIVELY, CONFIDENT in a sure VICTORY by the God of Israel!!

As the RIGHTEOUS, why can’t we Christians do that??

It would also be the best thing for the Muslims –ALL Muslims! Yeah!

BY GOD, we CAN do the IMPOSSIBLE—KNOWING GOD WILL HONOR OUR FAITH as we Christians (many or few) decisively, loudly, boldly declare the VICTORY and ACT accordingly!
Declare to all, boldly, that it is BY GOD (Jesus) we have the victory; and that we are NOT relying on the ability of man, regardless of how GOD LEADS us to act against the enemy! It is GOD we are TRUSTING IN!!
Just as the lad David did, as the Word makes very clear, his hope was not even on his sling shot that he had, but only in His God—“That the world may KNOW there is a GOD IN ISRAEL!!”
Worth looking up 1 Samuel 17! Very encouraging!!
Applies to our situation today also, just as many other examples of God ‘always coming through’, no matter how HOPELESS the situation, if His people looked to Him, TRUSTING GOD to ‘somehow’ bring the victory!

“Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!!” (Luke 1:37)

Thank You Jesus, for Your wonderful Word!!
And Your LOVE that it speaks of in so many ways!!
And also, how you speak to us personally, as You did to David, and do for all Your children, having given us each a loving personal friendship/partnership with You!!

With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
Love, Soteria Allen (& Jesus!!)



The deplorable state of religious freedom in the Islamic world came to the fore in May when news of the arrest, imprisonment, and death sentencing of a pregnant Christian wife and mother on the accusation that she had left Islam for Christianity reached the world.  On May 15, Meriam Ibrahim of Sudan was sentenced to flogging followed by hanging for apostasy after she repeatedly refused to convert to Islam.

During her 6-month imprisonment with her one-year-old son by her side, she gave birth to another child.  The baby girl was reportedly born with disabilities due to the harsh conditions of the prison cell she was delivered in and because her “apostate” mother was still shackled with chains when she gave birth to her.

However, because Meriam Ibrahim’s plight made it to the mainstream media, international outcry was heard all around the world, prompting Sudan to release her in June.


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