ACT- REALLY GOOD Presentation of ‘Assisted Community Treatment’ – A good model for any state & county! YEAH!! (still applies & has only gotten better!) Seminole County FL 2005.pdf

This is a REALLY GOOD Presentation of the ACT program! Still applies in 2015! But gotten even better!

TEXAS Law allows ACT which is largely handled through our MHMR here in San Angelo, TX

This presentation is in Seminole, Florida, but it is still a good model for us in San Angelo, Tom Green County, TX.


Gourav & old woman in street pic

What they are doing in Bexar County (San Antonio, TX) is a good example of how progressive Texas is in the area of Jail/Prison Diversion for people with mental illness and/or substance abuse/drug-alcohol addiction illness.

Without a doubt, even neurologically (brain) scientifically shown now, addiction is illness! And that is how it needs to be viewed and treated—as sickness! The sickness includes mental illness when a person THINKS they NEED to keep going back to what is wrecking every area of their lives!


That is, good treatment. It is always the holistic treatment that far outshines all the others.

Bringing healing and help to the whole person, (holistic!) including bringing people into spiritual health also by including a Faith-based program along with treating the person’s mental illness, the substance abuse problem, as well as physical illness, financial illness, relationship/family illness, job training/resume help and any other healing that’s needed!

Every area (holistic!) ALL NEEDS MET!! That is what God provides! He HEALS every area! And that is what healed me of severe mental illness, and I am very glad I finally got the spiritual help in addition to the mental help, even thought that was a big help! Without the spiritual healing, I know I would still have severe mental illness today!!

Bexar County’s ‘Haven For Hope’ in San Antonio, Texas has such a high recovery rate, even what they call ‘Transformed Lives’, that ‘Haven For Hope’ with its Faith-based Program as a part of it, is now used as a ‘national model’, including being praised by the Department of Justice in Washington, DC!!

TRANSFORMED LIVES – Healthy and Happy people!

Because of INTENTIONALLY including, as Haven puts it, including a person’s spiritual health! HURRAY!!

ACT- REALLLY GOOD Presentation of AOT_ Seminole_County_FL 2005.pdf

Please let me know what you think!

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