‘Stand Up Republic’ – what America NEEDS to do now!

Below is a video that helped me, Soteria Allen,  know Evan McMullin , at least for starters — before I had any idea who he was.  It’s a TED-Talk that Evan gave in May 2016 that I know now ‘very well represents’ this man I have come to know & love. I know you too will enjoy it, and also be very moved and inspired by this true story told by a very compassion-filled man, Evan McMullin!  Co-founder of ‘Stand Up Republic’.


 Evan McMullin, co-founder with Mindy Finn, of ‘Stand Up Republic’, sees Donald Trump and many in his administration as a continuation of the Obama/Hillary Administration’s governmental power overreach! It really is a matter of their actually ‘refusing to obey’ the  Constitutional limits of power set up 200 years ago by our wise Founding Fathers to keep our nation free from any person, or small group of people, being able to get the rest of the American people ‘under their dictatorial control’.  These Constitutional limitations of gov’t officials’ power also helps America STAY FREE from being ruled by tyrannical powers from outside our country too!

With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)  Soteria (& Jesus!!)

Please let me know what you think!

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