GOD using the Police!

So good to see LA Police, probably quite representative of Police nationwide, doing their everyday dangerous work, being the very caring people most of them generally are! Important for people to see things like this ‘Police Chase’ video, showing the everyday US POLICE ‘NORM’, after the WRONGLY handled situation of Police dragging off an unwilling to depart innocent passenger off an overbooked United Airlines. Important to know it was in the Airlines Rules for Passengers that such a thing could happen, due to regular overbooking to help keep down costs.  BUT it sure was NOT handled right!  VERY WRONG!!

And in hindsight, that is VERY CLEAR to all! And United Airlines is seeking to make changes, as well as make it right with the wrongly handled passenger.  The treatment by the POLICE removing the passenger was an ‘out of the norm’ thing to see in the United States!                             (But NORMAL in communist countries, like Russia, China, N Korea, Cuba, etc!!) 

Watch this scene of a dangerous and tense situation, even though an everyday thing in LA.  And unfortunately, it may be a frequent situation, nevertheless very dangerous, presently in many US cities!

The GOOD NEWS is – God is working on it! Drugs/alcohol addiction sickness co-occurring with Mental Illness NEEDS ‘Treatment – that works’! NOT Punishment!   (‘Evidence-based’ (what is proven to work) is always the Faith-based!!) What works to transform lives – NOT Punishment!               Yes, ARREST, like what is seen in this video, but THEN ‘court-ordered treatment’ THAT REALLY WORKS!! Stop the cycle of addiction, crime, jail/prison, and OFTEN all over again after release.

I thank God for the ‘court ordered’ mental illness treatment, including ‘court ordered’ meds, (BLINDED to my own need!) that helped me so greatly!  It was NEEDED to help me get into a place where I finally was ABLE to get HEALED of schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses!!  HEALED through including, along with the other help, Faith-based pastoral counseling, a VERY IMPORTANT part of my mental illness recovery! Also used by the very successful Faith-based LA Dream Center! [See the amazing  LA Dream Center ]

GOD is getting our country back!!   Thank you, JESUS!

Please let me know what you think!

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