Donald Trump Attacked Mitch McConnell On Russia Investigation: NYT | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

God is bringing to light day by day things we in America need to see!  The President truly has been in, and still is, a wrong kind of relationship with Vladimir Putin!

It may not seem like it to many people, but it’s true; and important to know!

The GOOD NEWS is that God is working behind the scenes shining the Light on what needs to be seen and when, day by day guiding people into more and more truth, as well as working to move an ungodly corrupt man, Donald Trump, out of the Office of the US Presidency. God is also moving some other corrupt people, many complicit with Trump, out of other high positions, and at the same time moving good righteous people into the opened up high positions in the US government!  YEAH!  That’s GOOD NEWS!

 Donald Trump is ruling every day hypocritically, as a super actor in his great duplicity because of actually ‘having to cover’ his anti-American/pro-Putin plans to actually bring America into a position OPPOSITE of what he boisterously chants: “Make America Great Again!”

Donald Trump is in a pitiful position where he daily, if not several times a day, needs to ask himself, “What would Putin do?”               It’s because Russian President, former KGB officer, Vladimir Putin is who OWNS Donald Trump! Putin was instrumental in getting Trump into the highest governing position in the world, “President of the United States!”                                                                          And it is very, very likely, in addition to his role in getting Trump into the US Presidency, communist Russian President Vladimir Putin OWNS this poor man Donald Trump for some OTHER REASONS TOO, many of which will become apparent when the past and present financial holdings and dealings of Donald Trump are thoroughly investigated and made known to all.  That shouldn’t be far off; investigations are getting close to Donald Trump’s financial records!

It is very, very pitiful —  there is no turning back for Donald Trump!  Not now!!                    Well, of course that’s not so, as any Christian knows.  The pitiful, but very guilty man Donald Trump could turn to God. And confess to God this terrible thing he and those complicit with him have been involved in, working to bring more and more destruction on America, and as a result the rest of the world, as they day by day feverishly continue on this fast-track of getting the American people under the authoritarian rule of what will actually become, even to Trump’s surprise, a very brutal dictatorial rule.                “Make America Great Again” is really a cloaked phrase for the OPPOSITE, that being  “Bring the American people DOWN!” Under the communist cold authoritarian rule of President Putin, and his man, Donald Trump; that is,  if it suits Putin to keep Donald Trump in the office of US President.                                                                                HYPOCRITICAL communist (communism includes ‘habitually lying’) Russian President Vladimir Putin will NOT feel obligated to keep ANY promises he has made to Donald Trump in the past, as Putin was seeking to ‘make use of’ Donald Trump, looking forward to ever reminding Donald Trump of how, through VARIOUS ways, it was he who got him into the US President’s office!                                                                                                      Former Soviet Union KGB officer Vladimir Putin will KEEP the President of the United States UNDER his influence and control, ever reminding him of how he OWES him for giving to him the position of the US Presidency! And ever reminding Donald Trump that he himself knows real well that he, Donald Trump OWES Vladimir Putin a huge, huge debt he CAN NOT REPAY, except through keeping his end of the deal which includes his loyalty, and obedience to the communist President of the communist country Russia, President Vladimir Putin!!                                                                                                                  Of course our country is in great DANGER right now, and will be in much greater danger if this take-over of America by a cruel foreign enemy is not exposed and properly dealt with soon!                                                                                                                                                Of course, it involves more than just Donald Trump!                                                               There are enemies within America, as well as enemies without, who have been and still are very complicit with Donald Trump, ever working daily helping the covert but very powerful Trump/Putin team speedily ‘bring America to her knees!’                                                 That phrase refers to ‘bringing America down thru chaos and destruction’ leading to strict US (or foreign) Military rule of the American people!                                    It DOES NOT mean desiring or attempting to “Bring America to her knees in prayer!”

There is A WAY OUT of continuing on this utterly evil route toward bringing America under the authoritarian rule of a communist type government.  There is a way to STOP this fast moving plan of Trump/Putin and a relatively few others imposing a strict communist type rule over all the American people!  IT CAN BE STOPPED!                                        President Donald Trump OWES his presidency and MUCH ELSE — more than he can ever pay — to communist Vladimir Putin; and has no way out!  It’s a ‘NO WAY OUT’ deal he got into!!   And those complicit with Trump were tricked, and are trapped too!

But there is a way out!  If Donald Trump turns to God in prayer, God will provide a way out! YES!!  Jesus will forgive Donald Trump and show him HOW ‘he can get out of’ being loyal to and obedient to Putin!                                                                                                          Jesus will show US President Donald Trump that he does NOT NEED TO KEEP HIS DEAL with Russian communist President Vladimir Putin! He can get out of it –  for his sake, his family’s sake, and all the American people’s sake!!  And also, for all the world!

“Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!” (Luke 1:37) who LOVES us all, extremely!!


Please let me know what you think!

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