Russia a helpful partner of US? Deceitful communist country we should NOT TRUST (yet)?

I listened to this panel today. Very good! And a big help!

The discussion included differing opinions on how to view Russia.

Is Russia a helpful partner of the US to help fight Islamic terrorism?

Or a deceitful communist state (country) we should NOT TRUST but yet communicate with to help them get the light to change their kind of governing of the Russian people, including letting the Russian people have freedom instead of living under tyranny?

The light (Truth, especially from the Bible) that will bring the rulers and people into experiencing and enjoying their God given rights that are even recognized by the United Nations (minimally) – called ‘Universally Recognized Human Rights’ for all mankind!

And encourage the Russian leaders (Putin, and others) to not continue the tight communist ‘control of the people’ presently experienced under the strict harsh rule of dictator President Vladimir Putin!

The discussion panel was very good to listen to, especially in light of President Trump’s questionable relationship with the gov’t of Russia and its communist president, Vladimir Putin, in Trump’s past and into the present!

For more info:

I expect there will be follow up! Needs to be!

As two people on this discussion said:
"Prayer & appropriate action!"

With Jesus’ 💕 Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!

Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)

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Jesus Loves YOU!!

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