I know Judge Roy Moore – Like us, in ‘Stand Up Republic’! Proverbs 18:17!!

A Good Father Reflects the Love of Our Heavenly Father
Dear Evan & Mindy,  (& ‘Stand Up Republic’ Members)
   (3 Min Read. Not really! LOL But I’m one of your kids (a Member) and think what I’m sharing here is important, and you’ll appreciate having read it. Really!)
Dear Evan & Mindy,                              12/12/17
I have been a supporter of ‘Evan McMullin for President’ since Aug 2016, and then became a part of Stand Up Republic! Thank you for all you’re doing!!
I esteem and love you both! 💖
When I’m talking with God about you, Evan, and how He is using you (& Mindy) to help America and also the world, I laughingly 🙋‍♀️ refer to you as ‘Evan from Heaven’ (so HAPPY ‘God found you’! LOL) as I have done since shortly after you, Evan, agreed to run for President.
The reason is because people like me were praying for God to provide someone ‘other than Trump or Hillary’, believing we were seeing rightly; that each of them was ‘unfit’ to be President of the United States of America!
The same thing you were praying about Evan, and probably Mindy too! 🙏
And I believe God provided Evan McMullin!! ie,’Evan from Heaven!’ 😊🙋‍♀️💞
   Evan, I believe you did hear God! 😍 

You wrote to your followers telling us you decided to agree to run for President after much time of thinking about it and also praying about your decision. And we are glad you did!
I believe you heard God, and did what He wanted you to!
But He’s not done yet!! 😊
I believe God is ‘in the process’ of getting our country back! Getting it back on track to again operating consistently from an understanding of and belief in our Declaration of Independence, also knowing and understanding our Constitution, and much of the writings of our Founding Fathers, such as James Madison’s, to understand the intent of our founding documents and structure of our gov’t, as well learning of the great wisdom provided for us by our Founding Fathers’ writings, including how no nation’s gov’t will succeed unless it’s people are a virtuous people! And that various early American statesmen, including George Washington and John Adams, made it clear that they believed the gov’t had to have a moral basis, as well as the American people also, and that would come from Judeo/Christian values based on the Bible.
I believe you did just what God wanted you to do in running for President/Vice President, Evan & Mindy, and also to afterward start ‘Stand Up Republic’, as well as spreading the news that our country is in danger and could (and will!) become just what our Founding Fathers warned us against: a country with the people controlled by a dictator, a tyranny!!😩😷😧
“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Proverbs 29:2)
I believe God is getting our country back to being ruled as it should be, including by principled men and women, but that it takes time. More time than many of us had thought!
But since God is in this, we can ‘fear not’, knowing as we TRUST GOD, He will guide us, and, just as with our Founding Fathers, by God, we will eventually be victorious! We’ll have a healthy REPUBLIC, learning along the way what one is and how to keep it! 😄🇺🇸
What does all this have to do with Judge Roy and Kayla Moore?
What I just described about getting America back, operating properly as a healthy loving nation, with moral caring people as leaders, having the ‘we the people’ ruled by a Republic form of gov’t, etc is what Judge Roy & Kayla Moore are all about! What is big in their hearts! Really!!
What you have been hearing about Roy being immoral are LIES!! Very powerful lies, but definitely LIES!!
Those of us who know the Moores (I’ve never met them in person) were shocked! Appalled!! 😧
It would be like hearing “Evan McMullin became an alcoholic and a drug addict, and also took up smoking! And got a girl pregnant!”
But I would be thinking, “What?? Evan McMullin? No!?? He probably wouldn’t even binge on Root Beer, being temperate as he is. And got a girl pregnant??”
(while drunk?? Maybe! I help people get free from drug/alcohol addiction sickness. They need compassionate, patient care 💖 )
“That’s NOT the Evan McMullin I know! Evan is ‘not at all’ like that!!”
I’m not kidding! It is shocking 😮 that these women, and whomever put them up to it, would do such a thing!
There is no way these people can be walking with the Lord! They just couldn’t do such a thing, and wouldn’t, because they would know God doesn’t want them to. It would be against their conscience!
But if they don’t yet know God, they could. I know my life changed greatly when I gave my life to Jesus when I was 27. A whole new LIFE – much better!
I have the advantage of knowing Roy & Kayla Moore for some years, and knowing Roy Moore is the extreme OPPOSITE of the LIES being spread about him!
Actually, Evan & Mindy, I believe you would really love Roy & Kayla! Not only are you moral people as they are, and know that is important; but also you are very like-minded in what you, like the Moores, are so passionate about — ‘Stand Up Republic’, including education of our people so we can get our country away from us quickly sliding into a tyranny! 😩
Then how can Roy Moore, if he is a moral person, allow himself to be linked up with such people as Donald Trump or Steve Bannon?? If you listen to Roy Moore talk, and Banon or Trump, you will see Roy Moore is the opposite of both of them! It stands out, in a big way!!
But WHY Roy Moore would allow them as supposed friends (seeming as like-minded) is a mystery to me! I do have some ideas on it, but because of time, I can’t go into them now.
I do know both Louie Gohmert and Ted Cruz are moral Christian men, and they definitely support Trump. (maybe not Ted Cruz so much)
But, as you know, it is NOT a good situation having deceitful Donald Trump as our President. There is a devil, among other things called ‘the father of lies’ in the Bible, and his influence on people can be quite powerful, and with some people (as communists), cause them to be very, very good liars, even live a life of duplicity! Very pitiful!
Below is the first letter I wrote you, but then felt I needed to go into my relationship with both of you more, even though you don’t know me. I thought it might help you find me more believable if you knew where I was coming from – one of your ‘Stand Up Republic’ members who never misses reading an email, Medium posting, and often check your Tweets. And greatly appreciate all you guys are doing, impacting very many lives in important ways!! 😍🇺🇸
First letter I wrote, but didn’t send, is below. I think it could be more help.
Dear Evan & Mindy,                                            12/12/17
I want you to know the Moores are Christians!
Bible believing, praying honorable people!! 💗
Holy!! And humble!! And do NOT LIE!!
Both Roy & Kayla Moore lovingly and humbly stand for what is right, regardless if others are in agreement or not.
What God wants us all to do. ☺️
But it’s important to know that God picks us up and helps us if we mistakenly fail to go along with what our conscience is saying within.
God is LOVE!! 💞 And God is a good Teacher, and even uses our mistakes as a good time of training, a time of practice at ‘not falling in with the crowd’ when we shouldn’t. It can take practice!
Regarding you not knowing the truth about Judge Roy Moore, and sharing online false things just as others who don’t know the truth (or do, but are involved in the deliberate attempt to deceive the people of America!! And also, in this case, steal an election! 👿) Sounds like Donald Trump! LOL
The Bible says “He who gives an answer before he hears, It is folly and shame to him.” (Proverbs 18:13) and also,
“The person who tells one side of a story seems right, until someone else comes and asks questions.” (Proverbs 18:17)
Wow, isn’t the Bible so right on? ‘The women’ were so very convincing — at first! 🤔
I have followed Judge Roy & Kayla Moore for years!
They are very precious and principled people who inspire others to be the same, just by listening to them. And also, by their lives! Models for us!😊
I first came to learn of Judge Roy and Kayla Moore when Judge Roy Moore became nationally famous (& greatly attacked!) for refusing to remove the 10 Commandments Monument from the front of his courthouse when he was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.
I agree that it was ‘not unconstitutional’ to have such a 10 Commandments on the lawn of the courthouse. Personally, I think to see it as unconstitutional is appalling, knowing some American history (still learning! 😆), and what the very BASIS of our Laws is — the Bible! Otherwise, who is to say what is right and what is wrong? Our Declaration of Independence speaks of our rights being ‘God-given’ and, for all! (Shown in the Bible!)
Just as with Judge Roy Moore’s case, I know you must be aware of the many other cases that have been attacking our Freedom of Religion (slide into communism?) for quite a few years now. I see it similar to Jack Phillips of Master Cakes, a case before the Supreme Court now, that because of his Christian beliefs he doesn’t feel he can agree to decorating cakes for homosexuals weddings. Jack does love the people, just as I do my homosexual friends. And all people! 💞
(I have helped a few come out of homosexualiy. It isn’t easy! Like an addiction! It can take years. But I believe it is important to compassionately tell them there is a way to be healed of those same-sex desires, thoughts, urges, and sexual arrousement. But just as I tell my friends who are still addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, that I’ll always love them even if they never give up drinking/drugs. It’s because I love them, that I want them set free and to have a better life! I’m sure to make that clear! 😍 That’s God’s heart on it!!)
Also, I’ve been very encouraged and helped by the Moores’ site ‘The Foundation of Moral Law.’ It’s excellent! I believe you’ll get a lot out of it, as well as get to know them better too! 😊
Thank you 💗 again for all that you are doing!
With Jesus’ 💖 Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)
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Jesus Loves YOU!!

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