Sanders Under Fire Over Conflicting Trump Tweets

Thank you, Jonathan! I agree with your article here, and think it’s summarized well with your statement beginning your last paragraph: “There is a legitimate concern over a White House which denies clearly established facts and does not attempt even a plausible explanation.”
I am a conservative Tea Party (good organization in our town!) Republican who believes we are in danger with Donald Trump in the President’s seat. For people to keep covering for him is not good! Learning from what I’ve studied in history, having seen the dangers of such things as dictators amazingly getting into power – exactly what the people DON’T WANT – because of people ending up, little by little, wrongly thinking it was best to speak words that ‘cover for this person’ and also, at other times ‘just be silent’; rather than oppose him; rather than speaking up both to him, and publicly to others (especially if unheeded by the president, king, etc) explaining about how they think, believe it’s likely, that his ideas and actions could greatly ENDANGER the country, and even the world!


SarahHuckabeeSandersContradictions in the statements coming from the Trump White House have become an increasingly difficult subject for the White House briefings where Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is often tasked with denying obviously false statements.  Sanders has developed a maddening cadence where she simply repeats an answer to another question or restates an obviously unresponsive answer. That pattern was on display Monday where Sanders simply said that President Donald Trump was speaking truthfully when he made two demonstrably contradicting statements about supporting one of the immigration bills in Congress.

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