Chris Hayes gives a chronology re Russian lying ‘conspiracy theories’ re American elections, Trump, Ukraine

Chris Hayes does a real good job here! 🤗 Gotten to know him over the last two years; he’s very sincere about helping to carefully and rigorously find & get the TRUTH out! A good man!
But I really don’t go for Chris Hayes being in front of a clapping audience; not really my preference when anyone dies that, even Christian brother Sid Roth on ‘It’s Supernatural’. Has Jerry Savelle started doing that too? Maybe. 🤔 Just not my preference.
But I guess it does serve a good purpose, if you are not in agreement with the speaker 😣 but there with him you can see a bunch of people who do agree, even clapping! Right? 🤔 LOL
Chris Hayes does a real good job here! I appreciate him, even though I believe he is a Democrat. I forgave 🙏 all the Democrats when I became a Christian in 1975 and learned we need to forgive all our enemies. Really! I forgave all Democrats, but since Trump, I may have become one! 🙄 Not really – but our system (not the Constitution!) is broken!
And we do NEED ‘a new thing’! 🙏 NOT two parties against each other – and those in them ‘supporting our own’ (& it’s President, others in office)
regardless of: his character and what he has done & does in life and (in with everything else) he (they) really stand for! Not right! 😕
I believe God is fixing our broken system, and even making "the latter greater then the former"!!
Jesus, who loves us ALL extremely, is working on it! 🤗 Answering our prayers, and HEALING our land! 😇 Thank You, Jesus!! We love you!! 💖

Please let me know what you think!

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