Judge Roy Moore vs Luther Strange – Debate very worth Watching!!

Really good!
Worth the time to watch, even if from TX, like me!
Back to Judeo/Christian values/beliefs, Declaration of Independence & the US Constitution – as our Founding Fathers warned us of being very important, is what comes with having Judge Roy Moore back in office again! Along with many others, I’ve been a fan of Judge Moore’s, over and over being very moved by his example to us of being a person who, by trusting God (even if you’re the only one), to take a stand for ‘what is right’; as can be known from the Bible.
Why the placing of one’s hand on the Bible in court before testifying? And even before being ‘swore in’ to a political office in the United States of America?
This is a very important race! Some years ago Judge Roy Moore took a stand for keeping the 10 Commandments on display in his courtroom. He got fired — but, as any Christian should know, Judge Roy Moore was RIGHT! And very pleasing to God!!
Even if not from Louisiana, please watch.
And then VOTE with your prayers! 

With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!),   Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)

Grief & Sorrow – Deadly Enemies!


JOY is a necessary STRENGTH to have working within us!!

REJOICE, because GOD IS ABLE to change things!! Including, that He is ever glad to “HEAL the sick!!” CHANGE THINGS! “Do not grieve, for the JOY of the Lord is your (& our) strength!!” (Nehemiah 8:10) JOY is a necessary STRENGTH to have working within us!!

                                   Your Deadly Enemy

Kenneth Copeland

“I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again…. “ 1 Thessalonians 4:13


Many of us, even though we’re believers, have seen grief and sorrow as such a natural part of life that we haven’t even questioned them. In fact, if we’re honest, we’d have to admit there are times when we actually want to feel sad and sorry for ourselves.

Why would we choose to feel sorrow? Because sorrow has an emotional kick to it. It offers a surge of feeling that, in the beginning stages, is almost intoxicating.

But grief and sorrow are dangerous things. Several years ago God showed me that they’re not the innocent emotions we’ve thought they were. The forces behind these emotions are actually spirit beings sent by the devil himself to kill, steal and destroy.

They are a part of the devastating, satanic barrage Jesus took on Himself when He died on the cross (Isaiah 53). He bore grief and sorrow, so we wouldn’t have to. If they come knocking on your door, remember, they are not innocent emotions. They are deadly enemies that Jesus already carried away at Calvary.

Don’t live as those who have no hope. You’re a believer. You know that Jesus Christ died for you and rose again. That not only gives you hope where physical death is concerned, it gives you hope in every situation.     Sorrow not!

Scripture Reading:

Isaiah 51:11-16

Kenneth Copeland      Faith to Faith Daily Devotional     7-14-17

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GOD using the Police!

So good to see LA Police, probably quite representative of Police nationwide, doing their everyday dangerous work, being the very caring people most of them generally are! Important for people to see things like this ‘Police Chase’ video, showing the everyday US POLICE ‘NORM’, after the WRONGLY handled situation of Police dragging off an unwilling to depart innocent passenger off an overbooked United Airlines. Important to know it was in the Airlines Rules for Passengers that such a thing could happen, due to regular overbooking to help keep down costs.  BUT it sure was NOT handled right!  VERY WRONG!!

And in hindsight, that is VERY CLEAR to all! And United Airlines is seeking to make changes, as well as make it right with the wrongly handled passenger.  The treatment by the POLICE removing the passenger was an ‘out of the norm’ thing to see in the United States!                             (But NORMAL in communist countries, like Russia, China, N Korea, Cuba, etc!!)  Continue reading

“Don’t Grow Weary…” It’s NEVER too Late to do the Right Thing!

This is in reply to an article on FB today by Joshua Kenneth Verhagen where he was telling us who supported Independent 2016 Presidential candidate Evan McMullin to not feel bad because Evan McMullin didn’t win; but rather to “Not grow weary in doing good, for in due season you shall reap, if you do not give up!” (Galatians 6:9) Just as Evan McMullin himself is doing; continuing to do right, beautifully boldly speaking up against evil, especially of those in power, and where it appears to be leading into things getting WORSE, MUCH WORSE!!
My reply to Joshua Kenneth Verhagen‘s article today was –
Right on! Very ENCOURAGING words, especially knowing what you quoted is scripture. (Galatians 6:9) What God says!!  God HONORS (causes to work; in His perfect timing!) us doing in accordance with what His Word says. God is pleased when we take a stand for ‘what is right’ – ALWAYS!!
That is what the lad David counted on when he went up against the Giant Goliath AND the vicious Philistine Army (which Israel, at that time, COULD NOT beat!) right behind him!! (1 Samuel 17) This is just one (of course, TRUE) story throughout the Bible of what is really a major theme throughout God’s Word – that God will bring VICTORY (success!!) if we TRUST HIM, and ‘take a stand’ for what is right!! In due time, GOD WILL even miraculously (as our Founding Fathers spoke of – then using the term ‘Providential’ referring to the ‘Hand of God’ intervening and bringing success. Not ‘chance’!) bring success!! We who know God and His Word, KNOW it will happen EVERY TIME!!  Continue reading

Good news: In two years, we’ll have a new president.


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Good news: In two years, we’ll have a new president. Bad news: If we make it that long.

My “good” prediction is based on the Law of the Pendulum. Enough Americans, including most independent voters, will be so ready to shed Donald Trump and his little shop of horrors that the 2018 midterm elections are all but certain to be a landslide — no, make that a mudslide — sweep of the House and Senate. If Republicans took both houses in a groundswell of the people’s rejection of Obamacare, Democrats will take them back in a tsunami of protest.

Once ensconced, it would take a Democratic majority approximately 30 seconds to begin impeachment proceedings selecting from an accumulating pile of lies, overreach and just plain sloppiness. That is, assuming Trump hasn’t already been shown the exit.

Or that he hasn’t declared martial law (all those anarchists, you know) and effectively silenced dissent. We’re already well on our way to the latter via Trump’s incessant attacks on the media — “among the most dishonest human beings on Earth” — and press secretary Sean Spicer’s rabid-chihuahua, daily press briefings. (Note to Sean: Whatever he’s promised you, it’s not worth becoming Melissa McCarthy’s punching bag. But really, don’t stop.)

With luck, and Cabinet-level courage that is not much in evidence, there’s a chance we won’t have to wait two long years, during which, let’s face it, anything could happen. In anticipation of circumstances warranting a speedier presidential replacement, wiser minds added Section 4 to the 25th Amendment, which removes the president if a majority of the Cabinet and the vice president think it necessary, i.e., if the president is injured or falls too ill to serve. Or, by extension, by being so incompetent — or not-quite-right — that he or she poses a threat to the nation and must be removed immediately and replaced by the vice president.

Aren’t we there, yet?

Thus far, Trump and his henchmen have conducted a full frontal assault on civil liberties, open government and religious freedom, as well as instigating or condoning a cascade of ethics violations ranging from the serious (business conflicts of interest) to the absurd (attacking a department store for dropping his daughter’s fashion line). And, no, it’s not just a father defending his daughter. It’s the president of the United States bullying a particular business and, more generally, making a public case against free enterprise.

To an objective observer, it would seem impossible to defend the perilous absurdities emanating from the White House and from at least one executive agency, the Agriculture Department, which recently scrubbed animal abuse reports from its website, leaving puppies, kittens, horses and others to fend for themselves.

In a hopeful note, a few Republicans are speaking out, but the list is short.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz recently got a taste of what’s ahead for Republican incumbents. Facing an unruly crowd at a town hall meeting in Utah, the House Oversight Committee chairman was booed nearly every time he mentioned Trump. Even if many in the crowd were members of opposition groups, the evening provided a glimpse of the next two years. From 2010’s tea party to 2018’s resistance, the pendulum barely had time to pause before beginning its leftward trek.

While we wait for it to someday find the nation’s center, where so many wait impatiently, it seems clear that the president, who swore an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, has never read it. Nor, apparently, has he ever even watched a Hollywood rendering of the presidency. A single episode of “The West Wing” would have taught Trump more about his new job than he seems to know — or care.

Far more compelling than keeping his promise to act presidential is keeping campaign promises against reason, signing poorly conceived executive orders, bashing the judicial and legislative branches, and tweeting his spleen to a wondering and worrying world.

Trump’s childish and petulant manner, meanwhile, further reinforces long-held concerns that this man can’t be trusted to lead a dog-and-pony act, much less the nation. Most worrisome is how long Trump can tolerate the protests, criticisms, humiliations, rebuttals and defeats — and what price he’ll try to exact from those who refused to look away.

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Supreme Court Nominee Judge Gorsuch – Solid Religious Freedom Record


Dallas, Texas – Jan 31, 2017 – Today, President Donald Trump announced his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute, praises Judge Gorsuch’s consistent record on religious liberty.

“As a candidate, President Trump promised to appoint pro-religious freedom judges to the Supreme Court,” Shackelford says. “Today, he took a positive step toward achieving that goal.”

“As a religious freedom law firm, we have one criterion for evaluating judicial candidates. We ask, ‘Does this candidate have a proven record of upholding the Constitution, especially as it relates to religious freedom?’ I am pleased to say that Judge Gorsuch has just such a record, authoring or joining multiple landmark opinions upholding religious freedom.” Continue reading