AMERICA = Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness!

         Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

evan-mcmullin-all-that-is-necessary-for-evil-to-triumph-is-for-good-men-to-do-nothingI sure do appreciate former CIA operative and former Republican House Security Adviser Evan McMullin who felt he needed to run as the only truly conservative candidate for the 2016 Presidential race, believing the two main party candidates left running for US President after the party conventions, Trump & Hillary, were neither conservative nor even moral people.  After being asked to run for President by various, very concerned people who had been searching for someone other than Donald Trump,
after it seemed he had won the Republican primary, Evan McMullin responded to their request by giving the idea much thought and prayer, and finally decided that was something that he needed to do, and went ahead and entered the race as an Independent running for the position of the next President of the United States of America.
I was also one who felt neither Hillary nor Trump was fit to be President of the United States of America. I personally felt that it would very, very likely be very harmful for America and also the rest of the world if either of them did become President, and I was eager to work to help Evan McMullin get elected as soon as I learned about him sometime early in August 2016.
And what a JOY it was to listen to Evan speak, answer questions when interviewed by news reporters, work online passing news around about him running, give money to help cover campaign expenses, and of course, pray for Evan and his very encouraging team!!

    It was so refreshing to hear Evan McMullin, and others on his team, speak about the importance of doing what is right! 


He spoke of operating from Judeo/Christian values as our Founding Fathers did and as are shown in our Declaration of Independence. Evan McMullin also talked about the importance of operating from a government which is limited by our US Constitution, which he believes was inspired by God, including the ‘Freedom of Religion’ being for all men, and our government being designed to protect our ‘God-given’ human rights that were not given to us by man, but God, who created ‘each one’ in His own image!

I miss not being online almost daily telling people that there is SOMEONE ELSE they can vote for besides Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump — someone ‘not evil’!!    

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“Withdrawing from the world makes us less safe, not more” says Evan McMullin, who just ran as the conservative Independent 2016 US Presidential candidate

“Withdrawing from the world makes us less safe, not more”           Aug 6 2016

Before World War II, many Americans fell prey to the delusion that if we pull back to our own shores that the world’s troubles will pass us by. After the war, Americans came together in agreement that only our leadership could prevent another catastrophic conflict, while promoting liberty and economic growth as well.

Thanks to our parents’ and grandparents’ generations, there has been no great war for 70 years, and prosperity and freedom have spread around the globe. Americans have served and sacrificed to maintain our security in those decades, but the horrors of a global conflict have been avoided.
I believe it is extremely important to continue this tradition of leadership that has made America the world’s indispensable nation.
Donald Trump completely fails to understand that leadership is more than shouting “America first” and proclaiming he’ll make “better deals.” It does not mean leading alone, or abandoning the alliances, agreements and security structures that have served American interest for almost 70 years.
Alliances with other free nations have long been one of the most important sources of American power in the world. Real leadership is not a protection racket or a mercenary army where the United States charges others for providing security. Rather, it is about building long-term partnerships with nations that share our values.

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People had ‘NO NEED’ to Accept supposed ‘Lesser of 2 Evils’ in 2016 Election! GOD had better!!

 God had MUCH BETTER for us than the supposed ‘Lesser of two Evils’ in 2016 Presidential race!

We can LEARN from the the BAD FRUIT that resulted from the strong advocacy to vote for the ‘lesser of 2 evils’ – Trump or Hillary! I believe both Hillary & Trump were both extremely UNFIT to fill the role of US President, and we can now SEE CLEARLY the BAD FRUIT of ‘unfit Trump’ as US President!  I believe GOD, as shown over & over in His Word, will CAUSE a moral and otherwise qualified person to GET VOTED into office (Presidency & other offices) even with many circumstances not in his/her favor, such as hardly known, very little money, etc. The practice of choosing a candidate based on his ‘ABILITY TO WIN’ based on such things as lots of money, being well known, contacts with influential people, etc IS DEATH, if the person does not ALSO have the needed good qualities, especially that of being a person of good character!  Continue reading

Citizen Link News of March 6, 2013

Freedom of Religion battles, especially right now in regard to Christians’ and others’ freedom of conscience. It is not seen as something to respect as it had been in the past; it should still be. The Obamacare HHS mandate to provide health insurance that includes free condoms, abortion, & sterilization is an example of this. Court cases demanding relief from this included mandate are still pending.