We NEED TO keep Speaking up & Passing on the Truth about Islam!

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Dear Millard,                                                                                                                                        In answer to your letter (copied below),                                                                                                   I agree!  We need to keep speaking up and passing on the truth about Islam! For the sake of ALL!!  Muslims lovingly & patiently NEED to be told.  As well as all NEED to know!
Islam, like Communism, is of the devil 😈, and full of very clever LIES!
A very helpful book to read (can get free ebook online) is ‘Marx and Satan’ by Richard Wurmbrand! Wow – A real eye-opener for me! Even though I had known of Pastor Wurmbrand and his wife, imprisoned in the Soviet Union (Romania) for many years, and eventually were released and used by God to start ‘Voice of the Martyrs’, still a very big help against persecution today. Heroes of mine!
Among other things, the book ‘Marx and Satan’ helped me to understand HOW there could be such a thing as ‘Marx/Islam’ allied together.

In Islam, Taqiyya is actually an important part of the Islam religion.
Taqiyya = LYING — and it’s very clever lying!
Just as in Communism (Marx), Satanism, Nazism, on & on — all the same deceiving culprit!
The Bible calls the devil “The father of LIES!”
Satan (a demon, devil) is the enemy of God and all good! Demons hurt people in order to 👹 HURT GOD!!
Muslims NEED TO LIE (taqiyya) to please Allah (supposed ‘God’)!  Continue reading

Break the Gosnell Media Blackout – TweetFest

Our country needs to get back on the right foundation; what it was built on—the Bible. Our laws are based on knowing right from wrong from the Bible. How else will a person know? Who is to say murder is wrong? When resources are short why not follow Darwin’s beliefs of what he thought life was all about: “Survival of the Fittest.” And that we humans are just animals, further advanced than more primitive animals that he believed we evolved from, such as apes. If Darwin didn’t believe the Bible was true he would and COULD NOT have Judeo (Old Testament) or Christian (Old & New Testament) values. Where would he get them from.? As Christians, we believe, as our Founding Fathers did, the Bible is God’s Word. (MUCH documnetation. see http://www.wallbuilders.org with David Barton) Our school children are not allowed to learn what is true by what God says in His Word, in public school, as used to be when I was in elementary school (until made ILLEGAL. That is how things like KILLING BABIES in the womb becames LEGAL!!) The Bible was the main text, known to be our main and SURE source of TRUTHH) in schools in the past in our country. How can we blame people for not knowing right from wrong when the presence of God and His Word are removed from society?? The Bible says “My people are destroyed for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE (of God’s Word). That will happen to a society EVERY TIME! (eg., Germany was very Christian. Martin Luther’s home. How could that country (& others) fall for the deception of KILLING TO HAVE THE PERFECT RACE?? Naziisim resulted from believing in the LIE (of Satan) of evolution rather than what the Bible says, that “Man is made in the LIKENESS of God!” And that to murder is against God’s laws. But how will people know right from wrong without knowing WHAT GOD SAYS. The Bible says it takes having a personal relationship with God (born-again Christian) and the ARMOR of the WORD OF GOD to stand against the WILES (deceptions, trickery—including evolution lie Darwin & many have fallen for; and also, abortion) (Ephesians 6:10-18; Romans 12:1-2) I did not know for much of my life the GREAT SIGNIFICANCE OF THE BIBLE TO A SOCIETY. But I am VERY GLAD I do now, &  know God personally and His Word (book of TRUTH), and get to work with Him, as we all do who know Him, telling of His GREAT LOVE ❤ for ALL, as well as His wonderful ways for us, that provide for us morals and a LIFE of love and joy! And it’s a FUN-filled life, at any age!!! With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!) Luv, Sotera (& Jesus!!)