Where the Booze Can Kill, and Putin Is Deemed a ‘Good Czar’ – The New York Times


In my opinion, this article gives a little snapshot of how a country, Russia, with the city of Moscow & the Kremlin, that got delivered out of Communism in 1991, can actually backslide! Even having been the home of the USSR with all of its utter cruel evil, Russia has, to a large degree, relapsed back under the aggressive cruel dominion of Communism – a cruel system of DARKNESS of the EVIL Master of Deceit, the devil, himself!!  Clever controlling LIES is a BIG part of Communism! They very deceitfully lead to very cruel deeds!! And into a cruel governmental system called Communism!  Continue reading

Texas to Defund Planned Parenthood

Texas officials gave final notice to Planned Parenthood on Tuesday that its taxpayer funding is going away. The abortion chain in Texas currently receives $3.1 million in Medicaid funds. The final notice from the Texas Health and Human Services on Tuesday told the abortion group that it will be kicked out of the taxpayer-funded program in 30 days, the Texas Tribune reports.

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Source: Texas to Defund Planned Parenthood

Trump, Putin speak about future of US-Russia ties

Trump, Putin speak about future of US-Russia ties

(CNN)   Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by telephone with US President-elect Donald Trump Monday, according to statements from the Trump transition team and the Kremlin.

Putin “called to offer his congratulations on winning a historic election,” according to a Trump statement. The two leaders discussed issues including shared threats, strategic economic issues and the historical US-Russia relationship.
The two men also spoke about working to normalize relations between the two countries and emphasized the importance of creating a foundation of bilateral ties through trade, the Kremlin said.
They also discussed the need for “joint efforts in the fight against common enemy No. 1” — international terrorism and extremism.

Will Donald Trump's victory help thaw US-Russia ties?

 Will Donald Trump’s victory help thaw US-Russia ties? 02:19

Russia factor

Putin was one of the first world leaders to congratulate Trump on his win, after a campaign dogged by alleged Russian hacking and Trump’s cozy relationship with the Kremlin.
Trump praised Putin as a strong leader even as US officials accused Moscow of meddling in the election by leaking hacked Democratic campaign emails to undermine Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.
Multiple critics of Putin have been outspoken in their shock at Trump’s win. “Russia was a democracy, if briefly,” wrote Gary Kasparov on Twitter. “Then Trump’s idol won our last real election.”

Changing ties

Russia: We're ready to develop good relations with Trump

Russia: We’re ready to develop good relations with Trump 09:16
During the campaign, Trump was criticized for saying that Putin “is not going into Ukraine,” two years after the invasion of Crimea. He later claimed that he meant as President he would not allow further incursions.
The President-elect also made a habit of questioning NATO’s relevance, a departure from over 60 years of bipartisan foreign policy. Putin has been a long time critic of the alliance’s expansion into eastern Europe.
However, on Monday, in his first news conference after Trump’s election, President Barack Obama said that Trump had told him he was committed to NATO.
Last week, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told CNN that he hoped Trump would help improve relations between Washington and Moscow.
“Because what we have currently is a very lousy relationship,” he said.

Independent Presidential candidate Evan McMullin & Mindy Finn

Excellent!!  Sounds much like TEA Party and pro-constitution meetings and groups that I have been a part of since 2008. People working to ‘get our country back’ on the principles and moral base it was founded on!

VERY REFRESHING to hear and see Evan & Mindy, inspired not only their righteous convictions, but also by seeing their beautiful boldness!! And like our Founding Fathers with these same beliefs and ideas, I believe  God will also work to bring about the MIRACLE of Independent Evan McMullin (& Mindy Finn) to be our next US President!!  “Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!!” (Luke 1:37) who LOVES us ALL!!

                       “Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!!” (Luke 1:37) who LOVES us ALL!!

It Is NOT Too Late!!

When you get to know Independent Presidential candidate Evan McMullin, I believe you see him as I, and many others, do!                             As ‘Evan from Heaven!”                                                                                                              And want to spread the GOOD NEWS about him!!  Much like spreading the GOOD NEWS (meaning of word ‘Gospel’) of being able to know GOD (Jesus Christ) as a personal Friend!!  Actually, in a way, they are very much related!!       (I didn’t know Jesus until I was 27; better late than never!)