People had ‘NO NEED’ to Accept supposed ‘Lesser of 2 Evils’ in 2016 Election! GOD had better!!

 God had MUCH BETTER for us than the supposed ‘Lesser of two Evils’ in 2016 Presidential race!

We can LEARN from the the BAD FRUIT that resulted from the strong advocacy to vote for the ‘lesser of 2 evils’ – Trump or Hillary! I believe both Hillary & Trump were both extremely UNFIT to fill the role of US President, and we can now SEE CLEARLY the BAD FRUIT of ‘unfit Trump’ as US President!  I believe GOD, as shown over & over in His Word, will CAUSE a moral and otherwise qualified person to GET VOTED into office (Presidency & other offices) even with many circumstances not in his/her favor, such as hardly known, very little money, etc. The practice of choosing a candidate based on his ‘ABILITY TO WIN’ based on such things as lots of money, being well known, contacts with influential people, etc IS DEATH, if the person does not ALSO have the needed good qualities, especially that of being a person of good character!  Continue reading