Ivanka Trump’s absence on border children issue, though Ivanka was born to an immigrant, her mom Ivana, herself.

Lawrence of ‘The Last Word’, MSNBC News, in the video linked below, gives his opinion on:
Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, also the mother of his first three children including his daughter, Ivanka, was at least somewhat illegally (my phrase) in America when Donald Trump married her in 1977, and Ivana still was not a US citizen until 11 years after she and Donald got married.
Their three children, Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Jr Trump, were born to a mother who had not yet become an American citizen. Ivana Trump had done various illegal fraudulent things to get to America after leaving the then communist Czech Republic in 1972; Ivana worked in America illegally, and then married Donald Trump while still a foreigner, who came into Canada illegally from Austria, and then ‘possibly legally’ into America.
What kind of impact did this situation of Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, and mother of their three children, while still not yet a US citizen, have on the now US President, and these three Trump children who are very influential and active, to a greater or lesser degree, in the operation of the US government along with their father, Donald Trump?
Below is a link to a recent video about Ivanka Trump (Kushner), Donald Trump’s daughter and Ivanka’s not speaking up very much or doing very much in regard to the children of immigrants (whatever their status) being separated from them; and this situation not readily remedied, even after great outcry! Some restoring of children to their parent(s), but still not yet fully taken care of. How could there have been such a ‘hard-hearted’ ruling in the first place?
I believe there are many things conservative Republicans agree are wrong, many caused in the Obama administration, and would like to see changed, but the HOW of changing these things by the person in the President’s seat right now, in my opinion, is NOT very often in line with God’s heart and wisdom, nor the values our country and US Constitution, and also the Declaration of Independence, was/is based on! I believe Donald Trump more often aligns with “What would Putin do?” – than the Judeo/Christian values America was based on, and a mentality of “What would Jesus do?”
Biblical values! That is what made America GREAT! And will make any nation GREAT!
Justice (by knowing right from wong from the Bible, our ‘moral base’!) with Mercy!!
The Bible says “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)
And, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn!” (Proverbs 29:2)

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With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)

Love, Soteria Allen (& Jesus!!)

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Jesus Loves YOU!!



“There is a legitimate concern over a White House which denies clearly established facts…” Atty Jonathan Turley

Thank you, Attorney Jonathan Turley! I agree with your article on July 3, 2018 ‘ Sanders Under Fire Over Conflicting Trump Tweets’ and  think it’s summarized well with your statement beginning your last paragraph:

There is a legitimate concern over a White House which denies clearly established facts and does not attempt even a plausible explanation.”

 I am a conservative Tea Party (good organization in our town!) Republican who believes we are in danger with Donald Trump in the President’s seat. For people to keep covering for him is not good! Learning from what I’ve studied in history, having seen the dangers of such things as dictators amazingly getting into power – exactly what the people DON’T WANT – because of people ending up, little by little, wrongly thinking it was best to speak words that ‘cover for this person’ and also, at other times ‘just be silent’; rather than oppose him; rather than speaking up both to him, and publicly to  others (especially if unheeded by the president, king, etc) explaining about how they think, believe it’s likely, that his ideas and actions could greatly ENDANGER the country, and even the world!

  I’ve learned countries have fallen under communist rule, time and time again, shown throughout history, because of people seeing wrong done by a leader (And lying is no little thing!) and not speaking up! Usually because of fearing bad results from doing so.

  What about Bolton and Pompeo — are they the same person whom they were for years? Are they acting now like the people they were known to be, for years?

  To me, it seems they both have changed their ideas regarding a dictator such as Kim Jong Un and communist dictator Vladimir Putin, and what should be America’s foreign policy toward them. We don’t have a king – do we?  They KNOW they are the President’s advisors, with expertise he does not have. And, usually what no president has! The Presidency was ever meant to be a one man job!

  Answers such as “Well, that’s up to the President” regarding it seeming as though Trump would, or might, accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea! What!?? That is not acceptable for an answer from Bolton or Pompeo!! Nor either of them having a casual attitude about these things!!  They have to know better!!  Jonathan, do you agree something is wrong? Do you know what has happened to these men??

  Also, Attorney Turley, (you had to do investigative & discovery work, in the past, right?) if the Russians (Putin) interfered with the election to get ‘their boy Trump’ in, and I personally believe there is abundance of probable cause to believe so, then don’t you think they would have also interfered with the primary election?

  What if Dr Ben Carson won? Rick Santorum, or Lindsey Graham? Or Sen Ted Cruz?

Would that be fine with the Russians (Putin) having any of them win?


What about the idea of getting candidate Donald Trump, among them??  

  Sen Ted Cruz (Remember ‘Lying Ted’?) said in an interview I saw in the spring of 2016 before Trump became the ‘presumed Republican nominee’, that “The election is rigged. Through the media, and (I forget what else Sen Cruz listed) the election is rigged”. And that “Donald is a pathological LIAR!” I agreed!

   Not too long after, Donald Trump put Paul Manafort on as his new Campaign manager. People (including me!) were fighting Donald Trump’s ‘presumed nomination’ right down to the day of the Republican convention in July 2016, seeing if there was someone else they could come forth with, it being apparent to so many people Donald Trump was so immoral and criminal; people knowing long before then about his Mafia type dealings, ways, and lifestyle, including regularly LYING!

  With Paul Manafort (many Russian, close to Putin, ties – immoral & criminal!) on as Donald Trump’s campaign manager, I believe communist type tactics and ploys were used by Manafort & his Russian cronies (providing plants at rallies, $$$, cyber influence and other kinds of propaganda, etc) to attempt to intimidate and manipulate Republicans before and during the Republican convention!!

  As far as they were concerned, there could be NO CONTESTING of Donald Trump!!  And they could accomplish it!!

  Paul Manafort was also there to change the Republican platform in regard to it’s statement promising to provide (I think Military) help to Ukraine, Manafort now having the inside position and the great influence of being the campaign manager of Republicans ‘presumed presidential nominee’, something many Republicans were not happy about!  I don’t think Paul Manafort succeeded in bringing about change in the Republican platform in regard to Ukraine – it didn’t work! But he certainly was working along with communist Russians, and specifically Vladimir Putin, in being Donald Trump’s campaign manager, for no (monetary) pay, to help make sure Donald Trump got in the President’s seat!  

   It was only when Paul Manafort’s communist Russia ties, and including his big help in getting communist Putin supported Viktor Yanukovych into the presidential office in Ukraine in 2010, was he ‘shifted to another position’ in the Trump campaign for the general election.

   In a Time magazine story dated Oct 31, 2017, the Time reporter Simon Shuster said  “With guidance from Manafort and backing from Moscow, the Party of Regions made an astonishing comeback over the next five years, culminating in Yanukovych’s successful bid for the presidency in 2010. Among the first official acts of his tenure was to ‘legally’ bar Ukraine from seeking NATO membership – a move that effectively granted Russia one of its core geopolitical demands.”

  A very helpful story, although much that I already knew.  http://time.com/5003623/paul-manafort-mueller-indictment-ukraine-russia/



   This interference by communist Russia, in various ways, in the 2016 US Presidential elections is no longer speculation! Far from it! It has been proven!!  Should we doubt it because Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin deny it? Or because it is something we ourselves would not do? (That was a hard for me. I’m a Christian, and since I was a 27 my mind started getting renewed to Biblical values. I’m now 70 – I sometimes forget some people ‘habitually do wrong’. But even then, it was hard for me to believe people do such appalling, inhumane things as many cruel dictators in the past (& present!) have done!!

     But also, those in the Russian and international Mafia, including Americans, which includes ‘organized crime’ do horrific things!  And it always includes regularly LYING! As Ted Cruz rightly said about then candidate Donald Trump, “Donald is a pathological liar!”

     Communists/Mafia/organized crime LIE with impunity! And with a face, and with body language that SEEMS LIKE they are NOT lying! Maybe practice makes perfect in lying too!?  Do such people even know (conscious of it?) they are lying, since they are lying so much, doing it do often and so automatically?! As Donald Trump does?

 Like Vladimir Putin?  Kim Jong Un?

    Kim Jong Un didn’t change over night!! As a good communist, he lies!

Even when one becomes a Christian, which I pray for these very pitifully cruel dictators, it takes time to change many bad habits, even with the help of God, the Bible and being among Christians who are glad to lovingly help the new believer along, reminding them to not give up! Reminding them that God loves them, and Jesus is our good Shepherd who even leaves the 99 who are doing ok, to lovingly to after the one sheep who has gone astray!

   In other words, there is no reason that I have seen or heard about to believe that Kim Jong Un has had a life changing experience and had a big change of mind (called ‘repentance’) that also shows up in one’s actions and vocabulary, in everything!

  Actually, having a life changing experience through God is apparent right away! It’s NOT apparent in Kim Jong Un’s life! In his values, words, behavior! Even though many things, like addictions, porn and cussing, for example, can take a while to change, nevertheless, when a person has the supernatural change that comes with getting born-again, as I did at 27, there is big change, immediately!

  There is no reason to think Kim Jong Un is no longer ‘Rocket man’! (I don’t agree with Trump yeling out at Kim, as he did! I believe it created a DANGER for the US, and the world!)  I’m just using it with you because it is handy to make a point. What reason do we have to believe that “Rocket man is NO LONGER Rocket man”??

  I just used Kim Jong Un here as an example.  But the same kind of questioning I believe appies in regard to brutal dictator Vladimir Putin?  Cruel dictator Assad? The leader of communist China — who to a large degree has very much to do with what North Korea does or does not do. If you are ‘owned ‘ by a communist dictator HOW do you get out of that “I better obey, or else __” relationship? Even if it wasn’t a matter of great dependence financially, which is very important, there is MUCH MORE ‘real enslavement’ when you get tied up with a communist ruler (and party!). HOW to you get unhooked, and stay alive??  Do you think China’s communist rulers would be likely to say to Kim Jong Un, “You know you’re your own man, Kim! Whatever you want to do with the US, go for it! We’re only here to help! Don’t feel pressured by us! Communists are not like that! You are at liberty to do as you want! Trust God to guide you!”

  Even without the God part (what they need!), is that what communists are like? How is   Kim Jong Un’s relationship with China today? HOW could Kim QUIT doing what communist China wants him to do?  Escape into the US (or another country) by pretending he died? Get a wig and grow a beard, and try to escape, as other defectors from communist countries have done (or attempted), at various times?.

  Magnitsky, couldn’t escape cruel communist Putin, and he died, after being unjustly imprisoned, and so roughly treated while in prison!! The meeting with many on the Trump campaign, with many Putin connected Russians in Trump Tower in the Fall of 2016 was about really REMOVING the sanctions that resulting from the US passing the Magnitsky Act — NOT about adopting Russian babies. There is a story that goes along ‘Putin forbidding the adoption of Russia babies with special needs who were orphaned, in need of parents’, but it was falsely used by Donald Trump Jr & Paul Manafort as a cover for why they really were together with all those Putin connected Russians that day!   NOT about babies!  (which are important! But to communists?) About a dozen people, and about half were Kremlin connected Russians!

  Jonathan, I believe there is much evidence that proves Russia meddled in our elections VERY MUCH, and in various ways!  But just the ‘general election’?

  WHY just the general election?  Think about it a few minutes.

I believe it started, Putin helping ‘his man Trump’ long before Donald Trump put his name in to run in the 2016 presidential election! I believe it was through Putin’s and his cyber trolls, plants, money, (money Trump owes Russian oligarchs??, or some have some kind of  hold on Trump)  one way or another, Putin making ‘Trump his’ boy’!

  And ‘the one who gets you in, ‘you OBEY!’  And if you rule a country, your country (in a different way) also OBEYS the foreign dictator’s rule!!

  So Jonathan, I believe this idea that we need to support the President, whichever one wins the election, because ‘the people have spoken’ and that being the peaceful transfer of  power we use in America, DOES NOT APPLY in our 2016 presidential election!

  In my opinion, and I believe with much good reason, we need to instead say “Putin has spoken!”  Obey communist Russian Vladimir Putin, because he owns our President. He got him in!

   Maybe, as planned, potentially more than Russia’s hold over Assad! Why not Russia also having very strong influence, planned to lead into full control, of America too?  By paying for and putting their man in?

  I believe our election was rigged especially at the primary level, leaving moral conservative Republicans believing their good candidate lost to someone they had to (no one else but Hillary!) hold their nose going into the election booth, and choose to vote for ‘the lesser of the two evils’!  HOW could this happen?

    Again believing it’s ‘because the people (others) have spoken’ in the primary election, and that the majority of the Republicans must have wanted a known immoral, mafia type, womanizer, criminal (much hidden in organized crime that includes hidden money laundering, shell companies, sue people and/or companies that accuse him, pay off people when charged with crimes, four or more bankruptcies, etc) Donald Trump!

  So all we are left to choose from is what the majority of American voters ‘must have have’ chosen in the Primary, that being Donald Trump!  Afterall, he won! (rigged!)

    Or else, whom the Democrats ‘must have wanted’, Hillary Clinton!  

  Yes, I believe the election was rigged in the primary!  And then, Putin just continuing on doing what is very natural (& evil!) to communist, went on to rig the general election too.  What they know how to do! Much practice!

  “Well, what does it matter now?” A famous line of Hillary Clinton. LOL

But I believe that line really does fit at this time! I believe it is IMPORTANT for Americans to ask that question NOW. I believe, through studying and seeing how countries end up under tyrannical rule throughout history, most people are taken by surprise. Tyrannical rule over America – this is not something to take casually, NOR put off dealing with!  Although NOT ACTING FRANTICALLY, but I do believe time is of essence!

 If I am correct, and I don’t think I’m alone in this belief I’ve just shared, then we need to consider “What are the implications of communist Russia (people directed by Putin) having groomed, so to speak, the man Donald Trump, and then got him into being the president, communist Russia (Putin) being victorious in America’s 2016 Presidential race!?”  

 Could we maybe say “Russia won!!”  Wow!! ‘The Russians have spoken!” Er, is that how Putin just got elected again?   I guess we need to say “Putin has spoken!”

  In Crimea, Syria, other countries!!   The US? In my opinion, Yes, that is what happend.  

   If Trump didn’t legitimately win, does that mean Hillary really won the election?  NO!

“Does it really matter now?”  It sure does!

   I believe with a little rigorous investigation it can be clearly shown Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 US Presidential election either!! Nor did the Clinton Foundation win!

  But it’s after 3am, and I have to get up early to help a needy friend – what I’m glad to do, and need to bring this to an end.

  But Jonathan, please do think about these things.

It seems to me you’re a conservative Republican; and one who is very respected, and very influential! So please do think about what I’ve written, and do a little verifying of what I’ve written if you question some things (or ask me) with this speaking of  something very important — America under (basically) a foreign dictator!


  Pray;  God will help you have wisdom into this complex, but very important and potentially very dangerous, situation.  

 James 1:5 says “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”  Really!

Talk with you later. Thank you for all that you are doing! Helping many!

With Jesus’ Compassion for America! (and the world!),

Soteria Allen  


I know Judge Roy Moore – Like us, in ‘Stand Up Republic’! Proverbs 18:17!!

Dear Evan & Mindy,  (& ‘Stand Up Republic’ Members)
   (3 Min Read. Not really! LOL But I’m one of your kids (a Member) and think what I’m sharing here is important, and you’ll appreciate having read it. Really!)
Dear Evan & Mindy,                              12/12/17
I have been a supporter of ‘Evan McMullin for President’ since Aug 2016, and then became a part of Stand Up Republic! Thank you for all you’re doing!!
I esteem and love you both! 💖
When I’m talking with God about you, Evan, and how He is using you (& Mindy) to help America and also the world, I laughingly 🙋‍♀️ refer to you as ‘Evan from Heaven’ (so HAPPY ‘God found you’! LOL) as I have done since shortly after you, Evan, agreed to run for President.
The reason is because people like me were praying for God to provide someone ‘other than Trump or Hillary’, believing we were seeing rightly; that each of them was ‘unfit’ to be President of the United States of America!
The same thing you were praying about Evan, and probably Mindy too! 🙏
And I believe God provided Evan McMullin!! ie,’Evan from Heaven!’ 😊🙋‍♀️💞
   Evan, I believe you did hear God! 😍 

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We NEED TO keep Speaking up & Passing on the Truth about Islam!

One Nation Under God   .jpg

Dear Millard,                                                                                                                                        In answer to your letter (copied below),                                                                                                   I agree!  We need to keep speaking up and passing on the truth about Islam! For the sake of ALL!!  Muslims lovingly & patiently NEED to be told.  As well as all NEED to know!
Islam, like Communism, is of the devil 😈, and full of very clever LIES!
A very helpful book to read (can get free ebook online) is ‘Marx and Satan’ by Richard Wurmbrand! Wow – A real eye-opener for me! Even though I had known of Pastor Wurmbrand and his wife, imprisoned in the Soviet Union (Romania) for many years, and eventually were released and used by God to start ‘Voice of the Martyrs’, still a very big help against persecution today. Heroes of mine!
Among other things, the book ‘Marx and Satan’ helped me to understand HOW there could be such a thing as ‘Marx/Islam’ allied together.

In Islam, Taqiyya is actually an important part of the Islam religion.
Taqiyya = LYING — and it’s very clever lying!
Just as in Communism (Marx), Satanism, Nazism, on & on — all the same deceiving culprit!
The Bible calls the devil “The father of LIES!”
Satan (a demon, devil) is the enemy of God and all good! Demons hurt people in order to 👹 HURT GOD!!
Muslims NEED TO LIE (taqiyya) to please Allah (supposed ‘God’)!  Continue reading

A FAITH-building Teaching! – by Joel Osteen!

Yes, God has a supernatural life for us once we get born-again! IMPORTANT to know what we have as Believers to be able to experience it, and be all that Jesus went to the Cross and paid a high price for us, to have and be, In Him!

RESURRECTION LIFE = A life that is rich with the blessings of Abraham, and even more!  Jesus, the last Adam, got us a whole new LIFE in us getting born-again by, and ‘one with’ Christ! Once born-again, we  actually have God’s own LIFE, in Him!!