I know Judge Roy Moore – Like us, in ‘Stand Up Republic’! Proverbs 18:17!!

Dear Evan & Mindy,  (& ‘Stand Up Republic’ Members)
   (3 Min Read. Not really! LOL But I’m one of your kids (a Member) and think what I’m sharing here is important, and you’ll appreciate having read it. Really!)
Dear Evan & Mindy,                              12/12/17
I have been a supporter of ‘Evan McMullin for President’ since Aug 2016, and then became a part of Stand Up Republic! Thank you for all you’re doing!!
I esteem and love you both! 💖
When I’m talking with God about you, Evan, and how He is using you (& Mindy) to help America and also the world, I laughingly 🙋‍♀️ refer to you as ‘Evan from Heaven’ (so HAPPY ‘God found you’! LOL) as I have done since shortly after you, Evan, agreed to run for President.
The reason is because people like me were praying for God to provide someone ‘other than Trump or Hillary’, believing we were seeing rightly; that each of them was ‘unfit’ to be President of the United States of America!
The same thing you were praying about Evan, and probably Mindy too! 🙏
And I believe God provided Evan McMullin!! ie,’Evan from Heaven!’ 😊🙋‍♀️💞
   Evan, I believe you did hear God! 😍 

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Supreme Court Nominee Judge Gorsuch – Solid Religious Freedom Record


Dallas, Texas – Jan 31, 2017 – Today, President Donald Trump announced his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute, praises Judge Gorsuch’s consistent record on religious liberty.

“As a candidate, President Trump promised to appoint pro-religious freedom judges to the Supreme Court,” Shackelford says. “Today, he took a positive step toward achieving that goal.”

“As a religious freedom law firm, we have one criterion for evaluating judicial candidates. We ask, ‘Does this candidate have a proven record of upholding the Constitution, especially as it relates to religious freedom?’ I am pleased to say that Judge Gorsuch has just such a record, authoring or joining multiple landmark opinions upholding religious freedom.” Continue reading

‘Stand Up Republic’ – is NEEDED right now! Investigate – Don’t ‘wait’!



AMERICA = Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness!

         Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

evan-mcmullin-all-that-is-necessary-for-evil-to-triumph-is-for-good-men-to-do-nothingI sure do appreciate former CIA operative and former Republican House Security Adviser Evan McMullin who felt he needed to run as the only truly conservative candidate for the 2016 Presidential race, believing the two main party candidates left running for US President after the party conventions, Trump & Hillary, were neither conservative nor even moral people.  After being asked to run for President by various, very concerned people who had been searching for someone other than Donald Trump,
after it seemed he had won the Republican primary, Evan McMullin responded to their request by giving the idea much thought and prayer, and finally decided that was something that he needed to do, and went ahead and entered the race as an Independent running for the position of the next President of the United States of America.
I was also one who felt neither Hillary nor Trump was fit to be President of the United States of America. I personally felt that it would very, very likely be very harmful for America and also the rest of the world if either of them did become President, and I was eager to work to help Evan McMullin get elected as soon as I learned about him sometime early in August 2016.
And what a JOY it was to listen to Evan speak, answer questions when interviewed by news reporters, work online passing news around about him running, give money to help cover campaign expenses, and of course, pray for Evan and his very encouraging team!!

    It was so refreshing to hear Evan McMullin, and others on his team, speak about the importance of doing what is right! 


He spoke of operating from Judeo/Christian values as our Founding Fathers did and as are shown in our Declaration of Independence. Evan McMullin also talked about the importance of operating from a government which is limited by our US Constitution, which he believes was inspired by God, including the ‘Freedom of Religion’ being for all men, and our government being designed to protect our ‘God-given’ human rights that were not given to us by man, but God, who created ‘each one’ in His own image!

I miss not being online almost daily telling people that there is SOMEONE ELSE they can vote for besides Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump — someone ‘not evil’!!    

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